Membership of One Knowsley is open to all voluntary, community, faith and not-for-profit within Knowsley and across the Liverpool City Region. Private sector companies who want to maximise their corporate social responsibility are also eligible (terms and conditions exist).

Membership of One Knowsley builds a strong collective voice.

Voluntary community action, charities and not-for-profit established and active within Knowsley are eligible for free membership with an optional in-depth support and development package with enhanced benefits (fee applies).

Organisations outside of Knowsley can benefit from access to One Knowsley services (fee applies).

Private Sector organisations can benefit from bespoke support for their approach to delivering and maximising CSR (fee applies).

Benefits of membership with One Knowsley include:

  • Access to extensive expertise providing Advice, Information and Guidance
  • Support and Development to start, grow, thrive and build resilience
  • Independent representation and lobbying (local, regional and national)
  • Training, workshops and seminars
  • Targeted funding alerts and opportunities to meet funders, investors and commissioners
  • A route to influence and opportunities to connect with decision makers, policy makers, funders, commissioners, investors
  • Opportunities to access and benefit from CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
  • Networking opportunities including events with the Private Sector
  • Access to professional services including legal, HR, Insurance, Finance
  • Full Health Check of your organisation to assure funders, partners and investors (exclusive benefit for Group Three members)
  • Promotion of you to a local, regional and national audience through the One Knowsley website, social media platforms, newsletters
  • Support to grow your digital assets and market and communicate your activities
  • Support to develop and promote good quality volunteering opportunities and job vacancies
  • Regular Newsletters with information on latest funding and news from Knowsley, the city region and national news
  • Priority invitation to Annual Gathering – Knowsley Better Together, bringing the sector together with the public and private sector (local, regional and national)
  • Membership Portal – local, regional and national data, toolkits, research and resources to help you (exclusive benefit for Group Three members)

Consultancy Services

Service Specialisms available on a consultancy basis include;

  • Governance reviews and changes to governance structures
  • Charitable and Not-for-profit collaborations, mergers and consortiums
  • Trustee recruitment and Board development
  • Strategic and business planning
  • Sustainable Funding Strategies
  • Stakeholder mapping, evidence of need (market analysis)
  • Marketing, communications and campaigns
  • Social Impact reporting
  • Policy review

Volunteer Centre Knowsley

One Approach to Volunteering

One Knowsley is the accredited volunteer centre in Knowsley, supporting Volunteer Involving Organisations (VIO) with;

Information, training and support for organisations who recruit and manage volunteers

Policy development and advice on best practice

Training for volunteer involving organisations and support for volunteer supporting managers

Promotion and development of volunteering locally

One Knowsley promotes a best practice framework – One Approach to Volunteering

The Vision

Knowsley has a vibrant and active volunteer culture that supports communities to build the capacity to enable people to be more engaged, responsible and involved in solving their own problems.

Core Principles


Volunteering must be a choice freely made by each individual.


Volunteering in Knowsley is open to all regardless of race, gender, carer status, gender identity, sexual orientation, offending past, disability, socio-economic status, age and religion or belief.

Mutual Benefit

Both the individual volunteer and the organisation should benefit. The giving of time voluntarily establishes a reciprocal relationship in which the volunteer benefits and feels that his/her contribution is personally fulfilling, whilst the organisation benefits from their contribution and skills.


Recognising the contribution of volunteers is fundamental in creating positive and fair relationships between volunteers, third sector organisations , public sector bodies and other partner organisations. This includes recognising the contribution to the organisation, the community and local economy.

Keep Volunteering Voluntary Campaign

In keeping with the One Approach core principles One Knowsley is a signatory to the Keep Volunteering Voluntary Campaign


Advice On Good Practice & Training

One Knowsley provides support with managing volunteers and help to ensure that all paperwork, policies and procedures are relevant and in line with best practice and quality assurance.  Any relevant information about national and local government policy concerning volunteering to organisations is regularly shared to the One Knowsley membership.

One Knowsley volunteer centre works with the Social Sector, statutory organisations and the private sector to support approaches to recruiting, managing and retaining volunteers.

Private sector organisations implementing Employee Supported Volunteering (ESV) programmes and activity that benefit the local community can access One Knowsley’s brokerage service, eligibility applies.

Employer Supported Volunteering (ESV)

ESV is often implemented as part of an organisation’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy. Organisations usually operate an ESV scheme in one or more of the following ways:

  • Employees are given more flexibility from their employer and encouraged to engage in volunteering in their own time (e.g. through a sabbatical or flexible working)
  • The employer organises volunteering activities for chosen good causes, perhaps organising a drive or campaign, and allow employees a set number of paid hours per year to volunteer
  • Employers enable employees to give their time and skills to voluntary and community organisations on a ‘pro-bono’ basis, for instance, consultation or assistance with administration

If your organisation is interested in implementing an ESV scheme then One Knowsley can support you


One Knowsley supports it’s members to develop sustainable approaches to securing income.  This support includes;

  • Self – fundraising
  • Grant funding (from Charitable trusts and foundations)
  • Tendering for public sector contracts
  • Trading goods, products and services

One Knowsley brings funders, investors and commissioners into Knowsley and connects funders at a local, regional and national level to the Social Sector in Knowsley.

One Knowsley in partnership with infrastructure organisations across the region has established and runs the Merseyside Funding Information Portal (MFIP)

The portal provides access to local, regional and national funding opportunities.