The Maggie O’Neill centre began Covid-support at the end of March when they were told the lockdown was being enforced.

They began with a post on their church website concerning those who were vulnerable and also over 65. A couple of enquiries turned into a landslide of enquiries and the centre ended up delivering to 540 recipients (that is around 1200 bags of food that was delivered)! The Maggie O’Neill centre were then informed that there were funds available to support them.

The first fund to help was For Housing from Stockbridge Village. The centre delivered over 120 times to residents in Stockbridge Village. The Steve Morgan Foundation and LCR Cares funds quickly turned the applications around to help the centre stay on track with the deliveries. As The Maggie O’Neill centre started their journey, the Cash for Kids fund was also successful.

All of their funders have been wonderful in supporting them to help the local community.

The Maggie O’Neill centre would wait in supermarket lines for sometimes an hour to purchase food for residents. This food was then taken back to their venue and volunteers would help to unload the food and then re-distribute the food into bags ready to be delivered. Residents would call up the centre and leave their address so that volunteers could get food out to them. 

During this busy period, The Maggie O’Neill centre were also granted Awards for All funding to continue to support their work.
Pastor John Hemus, Apostolic Church of Liverpool, said: “We could not have done all that we have without all those that came to our aid with funds. We met some wonderful, grateful people over the last 3+ months, the thank you emails and cards have been quite moving to read. We will be continuing with our Storehouse from next week as the lockdown has now been eased allowing folks to get out again.We will be making up parcels for those who would like to come and pick them up from us. We have been helping the community with food and essentials for over the last 9 years.  Again, a huge thank you to all that helped with the funding and to all those who came and volunteered their time to help shop, pack and deliver.”