CELLS is a reputable, award-winning organisation that has tackled crime and ASB (anti-social behaviour) for over 10 years, with pro-active and reactive approaches. Initially CELLS set out to reduce ASB/Gateway-crime in the Knowsley area, this triggered a 44.1% decrease in ASB. CELLS deliver proven and effective interventions to children and young people (CYP), that address initial and re-offending behaviours via preventative awareness, diversionary programmes, and follow-on support, including onward progression through their itsup2u initiative.

The success of CELLS can be attributed to their credible multi-model approach, utilising innovative resources, interactive workshops, programmes, and initiatives. Their most significant resource is The CELLS Team, consisting of reformed offenders and victims of crime. CYP engaged by the CELLS Team have stated that they relate to, trust and engage with the team as it is real people from similar backgrounds to themselves.

Since CELLS first set up, over 165,000 CYP have benefited from their awareness events. In the last year, they have held 138 Awareness/Intervention and Outreach sessions and facilitated over 4000 mentoring sessions and 22 Family Drop-in sessions. Their awareness sessions have evaluated 21,700 CYP, with 21,599 self-reporting positive attitude change towards crime and involvement in crime and raised motivation and knowledge of importance in decision making. The latest award that CELLS have received is off the Queen for improving social mobility of their beneficiaries.

Shaun Glanville, CELLS, said: “COVID-19 inspired massive operational reconfigurations for us, we’ve re-vamped our approaches significantly. We have re-assessed delivery techniques to encompass remote-working and distanced-support.”

To find out more about CELLS, please check out their website.