Free healthy living activities for eligible children this Summer

Knowsley SNAP (Sports, Nutrition, Active Play) will return for the School Summer Holidays, in collaboration with Vibe and Volair and sector partners.

The SNAP summer programme will involve many fantastic community organisations and providers who will also be supporting families during the Holidays

We are still developing our programme of activities that will be on offer for Children and Young people from all the organisations involved across Knowsley.  But in the mean time we’re interested in keeping you informed. We’re working in partnership with Vibe and Volair to create a Newsletter that we can send to you as soon as we have more information.  

The sessions have been funded by the Department for Education’s Holiday Activities and Food Grant. 

Receive early information

We haven’t got any firm information right now but if you sign up below to a joint newsletter from Vibe, Volair and One Knowsley then we will email you as soon as it is developed.