This is the second edition of ‘Our vol, Col’ which is written by and focuses all around One Knowsley’s volunteer, Colette Thompson. 

I wanted to write this blog about my journey battling with cancer, to raise awareness of what support is available in Knowsley. As I have been a Knowsley resident all of my life, I wanted to see what support was on my door step.
Living with cancer not only affects myself, it also affects my family and friends. I wanted to see what kind of support is available for them during this time.

As part of my journey, I visited the Lyndale Cancer Support Centre in Huyton that has been running since 1983.This centre is solely run by volunteers, like myself, and their service is free and confidential. They offer face to face support through daily drop in sessions and they host lots of activities, social events and therapies for the patient and their family.

I also visited Breast Mates Cancer Support Group in St Agnes church, Huyton and met two lovely ladies Eileen and Debbie (the trustees) who sat and gave me a one to one and had a good chat about my diagnostic and told me all about the amazing work they have done to support people with breast cancer. Breast mates run a monthly get together on the last Thursday of every month and is just for the breast cancer patient. Any cancer diagnosis can lead to people feeling very alone, meeting with others that are going through a similar experience and sharing information can really help.

Breast mates have invented the slogan ‘It only takes a minute girl’ to inspire women to regularly check their breasts.

If you read my last blog you will know that I was diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2019, I am 43 years old. This has now been confirmed as stage 4 cancer with a terminal prognosis.

I am still going to tell my journey about how I am using local support to help me. I have received fantastic support from Lyndale and Breast Mates and I am keen to share my journey with followers to highlight how amazing our sector is. Anything else I find in our sector, I will make sure that I share with you all.