Our vision: 

A resilient, sustainable and vibrant Social Sector which is collaborative and self-supporting

Strategic intentions

One Knowsley has five strategic intentions that drive its work.

1.   An independent sector of influence

  • Inform and influence public sector policy and strategy.
  • Influence and support private sector approaches to Corporate Social Responsibility to build Social Value.
  • Build the conditions that create opportunities to stimulate growth of the Social Economy.
  • Horizon scan, link regional and national networks into Knowsley.
  • Be a strong, independent, credible and visible leader.
  • Champion the value and independence of the Sector.

2.   A sector with quality delivery and evidenced impact

  • Be a champion of good practice that supports the Social Sector to be legal, compliant, ethical and safe in its activities.
  • Champion principles that protect citizens, protect organisations, and create assurance for investors into the Social Sector.
  • Lead Social Value education and approaches to impact measurement.  Support the Social Sector to talk about and evidence the social value it creates.

3.   An agile sector able to re-model, respond, accelerate and grow

  • Champion the key strength of agility to re-model and respond to presenting need in communities.
  • Enable opportunities for innovation to respond to opportunities created through market failure (austerity).
  • Be a single point of contact to identify, mobilise and secure opportunities for growth.
  • Drive the Art of the Possible.

4.   A sector where voluntary community action & social business thrives

  • Champion the social and economic impact of volunteering.
  • Enable growth in GVA (Gross Value Added) of volunteering within the local economy.
  • Scale and grow the value, assets and activity within the Social Economy.
  • Enable voluntary community action and social business to start, grow, be resilient and thrive.

5.   A resourced, resilient and sustainable sector

  • In a climate of austerity lead a broader view of resource investment beyond monetary transactions to secure investment into the Social Sector in Knowsley.
  • Identify, influence and secure a breadth of resource investment into the Social Sector.
  • Maximise skills, expertise, time, assets, and new monetary investment opportunities to enable a well-resourced Social Sector.