The Maggie O’Neill Community Resource Centre has shared the below message:

Coronavirus help for pensioners

PLEASE SHARE so we can reach more people who need help or can donate!

If you are a pensioner or know a pensioner struggling to get the basics (bread, long life milk, toilet rolls, hygiene products, etc), please send us a message and we will go out and get them for you. This will start on Monday 16th.

We are also asking for donations from anyone who would like to help. Our current supply is going quickly. Our address is Maggie O’Neill Community Resource Centre, 433 Liverpool Road, Huyton, L36 8HT. Thank you for any help you can give.

You can also call the centre from 9am-5pm every week day (if the government hasn’t forced us to close) on 0151 482 0408 or email us at