One Knowsley provides access to information and skills development to build expertise and resilience in The Social Sector.

Knowledge – Training & Seminars

Masterclasses and Training Opportunities

One Knowsley hold a series of Masterclasses and Training opportunities to enable you and your organisation to build your skills, knowledge and resilience.  These opportunities bring leading partners and experts into Knowsley to undertake a knowledge exchange with you.

These Masterclasses and Training opportunities are part of a responsive programme that brings current and relevant learning to the Social Sector in Knowsley.  It builds on our You Said – We Did approach to working with the local Sector.  The programme is influenced by your feedback and the current local, regional and national policy and directives that affect your organisation.


One Knowsley hold a bank of time, skills, experience, knowledge and access to financial support to build the capacity and capability of the Social Sector in Knowsley. We work to strengthen the resources available to the local sector to add value, create capacity and create savings.

Social Sector Knowsley

One Knowsley are currently developing our “State of the Sector” baseline report. This report will inform policy and decision makers, influence funders and commissioners and identify the opportunity and challenges within the local sector. We will soon be contacting individual members to participate in this work.  Contact us for more information by emailing