We’re pleased to announce our Bike & Boots project is continuing in Knowsley in 2019/20.  Knowsley Public Health valued the impact of our programme and have provided funding for up to 30 participants. It’s the same process as for last year with just a few important changes:

  1. I am now the contact for Cycling Projects Bike & Boots project in Knowsley having previously co-ordinated the Wirral Bike & Boots programme last year.  My contact details are 074691248254 or ian.jones@cycling.org.uk.  My role is to process applications and help individuals who meet the criteria to access the project.
  2. Those wanting a bike to get them to work will still need to have a skills check to ensure they can ride a bike safely on local roads and cycle infrastructure.  This year these checks will be carried out using our regular Pedal Away rides from 3 hubs located across Knowsley (see flyer for venues and times).  We have a range of hybrid and mountain bike to use, so this is a good opportunity to try one out for those who are unsure of the style of bike they might require. The application can be initiated immediately upon referral to Ian and the purchase will be authorised as soon as this skills check has been done.  We still anticipate that this process should take approximately 7 -10 days from referral to them cycling away with a new or recycled bike.

As a reminder, participants must:

~live in Knowsley
~have a start date or a new job (within the last 6 months)
~have a period of unemployment prior to this new job starting.

We have a maximum of £150 per applicant  towards the cost of a new bike or walking gear/ equipment from Decathlon or a refurbished bike from Merseycycle. Participants can upgrade but they will have to pay the difference at the point of purchase. We can also service an existing bike or buy lights, clothing and hi Viz up to the £150 limit to keep someone cycling through the winter months.

Please do circulate this email and our information with your team of colleagues and partner organisations so we can get the message out to those individuals we are seeking to benefit from our project.  Also, if you use social media please do copy us in on any of the posts on Twitter or Facebook.  @BikeBootsCP